About Me – Sophie Shenstone

I’ve been blessed throughout this life with amazing and diverse experiences. Encounters with inspiring characters, adventures and voyages blend with my own training and practice to become a melting pot from which I can draw to inspire my yoga teaching and bodywork.

Yoga is my creative outlet, a means of self-expression and the reason I stay sane. Every day on the mat, I have a fresh chance to remember who I am, in a way that doesn’t entail a torrent of half met expectations and outdated versions of me.

When I experienced my first ‘yoga nidra’ (guided deep relaxation) 27 years ago, I had one of those enduring “Ahaa!!” moments which changed the course of my life. I realised that through this very body, I could reach an unfathomable peace which somehow allowed me to know truths not attainable through philosophy or science…This first taste of yoga remains at the heart of everything I practice and teach.

My teaching style is intuitive and changes over time and with the seasons. I encourage students to develop an individual practice; one that is right for them and allows them to explore their own depths in a light-hearted and non-judgmental way. I don’t pretend to know everything – I too am on a journey…and the journey is the magic.
I love to help people feel good in their skin, drop stress, develop self-confidence and gain a more expansive perspective on their lives. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ philosophy – I encourage people to question and find out for themselves.
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  • pregnancy massage
  • shiatsu massage

Training & Qualifications

  • Professional Insured Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • 19 years Hatha Yoga teaching experience, including regular classes, one:one yoga, deepening workshops and off-grid retreats
  • Integral Yoga Institute Hatha Yoga to Intermediate level
  • Level 3 Sports Coach
  • 60 hour training in Teen Yoga and Mindfulness incl Anatomy and Physiology, Socio-psychology & Neuroscience, recognized by Yoga Alliance Professionsls, Sport England and Independent Yoga Network
  • Integral Yoga Institute qualified in Pre- natal & Post- partum Hatha Yoga
  • ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Massage
  • Over 4 years training in Shiatsu; BSS-Do, BSSY & BSS
  • Extra studies in Structural Yoga Therapy, Scaravelli, Core Strength Yoga & Anatomy, Insight Meditation
  • BA(hons) Philosophy
  • Permaculture Design Cert
  • Ongoing Diploma in Field Ecology
  • Ongoing practice and grades in jazz flute and piano