Warriors hands together

“Partners Yoga and Summer creative flow/Nidra”

Sunday 7th july 10.30am – 3.30pm; LIMITED NUMBERS; Whole day £50 (concessions £40); Half day including shared lunch (everyone contributes), £35 (concessions £25). Book below! VENUE: Shanti Shala Yurt, in the grounds of Woolley Grange Hotel/Spa, near Bradford- on-Avon.

In partners/contact yoga we explore the stretch/tone/meditation with another being, enhancing the elements of grounding, balance, trust; boundaries shifting for deeper stretch and release, deeper meditation even.  There is more playfulness and heart opening though shared practice. It’s hard to explain unless you give it a go! You don’t need to bring a partner – another being will be there.
Shared pot-luck picnic lunch. Everyone brings a dish and we share the result, hopefully outside in the meadow sunshine.

The afternoon session will be a Hatha session of creative Summer-inspired flow yoga, balanced by yin asana, restorative and finally Yoga Nidra.

“Mudra – the power is in your fingertips”

Saturday 4th May, 2pm -5.30pm, at Yoga Bodhi, central Bath! (Book through Yoga Bodhi website £35/£30 early bird)

When we practice yoga, we know from experience that it is a journey of transformation and integration – from scattered energy into focus and resolve; from uncertainty to remembrance; from sense of separation to wholeness. 
My personal experience is that this is a more likely to actually work when we combine breath, intention and Mudra…
There is an alchemy in this combination.
The body prayer becomes real.
Mudra are a gateway to connecting with and exploring The Mystery of Being, whilst cultivating specific states of consciousness. We can harness the power of Mudra whilst in meditative or restorative asana, or weave them into our vinyasa flow, for a more potent practice.
This yoga workshop invites you to learn and explore the ancient wisdom, working particularly with mudra for Trust, Courage,
Self- expression/redefining, Inspiration, and Invocation. 
And always, always Gratitude.


‘Restorative Yoga Workshop…Moving into Darkness with a Ready Brek Glow’
Sunday 11th November 10.30 – 4pm  £50 (£45 conc)  (including shared pot luck lunch)

A morning of warming, uplifting Hatha yoga-flow sequences to spark the creative spirit, and keep the bones jigging through winter….followed by an afternoon of deep Restorative yoga; let go and fall apart safely, gathering yourself up with freshness and resolve.

Venue: The Beautiful Yurt Space now located at Woolley Grange Hotel and Spa,
Bradford on Avon, BA15 1TX
‘Contact Yoga/partners yoga workshop’  10.30am – 2pm  Sunday 16th September 2018   £35  including refreshments

Hatha Yoga is a conversation between body, energy, breath, and gravity…

In contact yoga/partners yoga, another being comes into the conversation, requiring enhanced listening, sensitivity and trust.

We find increased challenge with balance, when to push, when to yield, and poses are experienced in fresh perspective.  

There is the energetic motivation to move beyond our habitual limits, the mutual grounding/support providing the possibility of deeper release….and while there is a playfulness in connection and exploration, there is also a greater depth in meditation and breath work.