Pregnancy Massage and Acupressure for Labour

Drawing largely from shiatsu massage, focussing on nourishment and support. I can also run a session including your partner, to go through techniques and pressure points useful for labour, for pain relief, empowerment, and specific effects such as aiding dilation and encouraging labour.

I draw from a sound understanding of the physiology of pregnancy, honouring the concoction of physical, emotional, hormonal, psychological and spiritual changes taking place.

Benefits include:

  • reduces stress

  • deeply relaxing for mind, muscles and nervous system

  • encourages the body to regenerate and heal itself

  • eases common discomforts such as low back pain, poor circulation, oedema, poor digestion, insomnia, tight neck and shoulders, sciatica, and achey hips.

  • time to assimilate the changes taking place in body/mind

  • acupressure points can be used at particular stages of pregnancy, and even during the birth itself, for example, to help establish labour and to reduce back pain during contractions

I practice in the Practice rooms in central Bath,

26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RH.

pregnancy massage

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