Pregnancy Yoga
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Shanti Shala Yurt, Woolley Grange Spa

Yoga helps relieve many of the common discomforts of pregnancy;  back pain, muscle stiffness, sluggish digestion, high blood pressure, water retention, varicosities, pelvic pain. Prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for birthing and motherhood, encouraging a optimum health with lower stress levels, and a sense of empowerment.

Creat a pause in your week for deep relaxation of mind and body. By focusing positively on the birth process you will reduce anxiety and fear, and cultivate trust in your body’s innate wisdom. I also offer 1:1 Pregnancy Yoga, and Pregnancy Massage based on Shiatsu.

 TUESDAYS 12 – 1.15pm  (book below) 7 sessions £70

Shanti Shala Yurt, Woolley Grange Hotel, Woolley Green, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1TX    NEW COURSE!

I ALSO OFFER 1:1 PREGNANCY YOGA SESSIONS FOCUSSING ON RELAXATION, OPTIMUM HEALTH PREGNANCY, & ACTIVE BIRTH PREPARATION, AND A BIRTH SESSION FOR COUPLES, FOCUSSING ON LABOUR TECHNIQUES, PRESSURE POINTS/MASSAGE FOR PAIN RELIEF AND COPING STRATEGIES…VENUE: THE PRACTICE ROOMS, 26 UPPER BOROUGH WALLS, BA11RH.        A single session costs the same as a Pregnancy Massage/Shiatsu, £48, but I also offer a series of 3 sessions for a reduced rate, where you learn to internalise your own yoga sequence to practice at home, including hand outs. Some folk choose to take one of their three sessions as a Pregnancy massage instead – you can pick and choose!!

pregnancy yoga class

What to expect in a class or one to one yoga session

  • Modified physical postures (asana)
  • Classical yoga postures adapted for your safety and benefit, emphasising gentle toning of muscles, mobilisation of joints, alignment of spine and pelvis, core strength and stability, release of tension, body awareness and mental focus.
  • Dynamic seqences of postures (vinyasa) to encourage fluidity, connection with your breathing rhythm, toning of muscles, improved circulation and energy levels.
  • Breathing practices (pranayama)
  • Breath provides a focus, quietening your mind and balancing your emotions. Through consciously changing your breathing patterns, you can calm and balance your nervous system. Some practices are geared toward the birth itself helping you stay more centred and in control.
  • Deep relaxation (yoga nidra)
  • A great ‘stress buster’ helping to rejuvenate your entire being. Fifteen minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to about four hours sleep. Guided visualisation and meditation help to calm anxieties, allay fears, reduce stress and give you inner strength
  • Pelvic floor exercises (kegels)
  • Helps to bring strength tone and elasticity to these vital muscles, relieving and preventing varicosities, prolapse, incontinence and lethergy, whilst increasing your vitality.
  • Networking, support, discussion and sharing of information
  • There is time to share feelings, questions, advice, birth plans, stories, hopes and fears. Occasionally there is a visiting speaker, or mothers returning with newborns to share their experience.
  • The pregnant woman should be beyond her 12th week, and does NOT need to be familiar with yoga.