Post Natal Yoga – Classes in Bath


Batheaston Methodist Church Hall, Northend
Tuesdays 11.55am – 1pm
Seven Classes £60, starts Sept 8th

What do I do with my baby?

The class is structured around both mother and baby. Postures and movements are creatively adapted to keep babies involved. This is a fun and informal style of class which continuously adapts to changing needs. At any one time some may be feeding, others may be practicing a Hatha Yoga posture or sequence, while others may be practicing the same posture modified to include their wakeful child. There can be baby massage and nursery rhymes


Post natal Yoga

What can I expect during a class?

These classes focus on toning, strengthening and re-connecting with your pelvic diaphragm and deep abdominal muscles. There is breath-awareness and relaxation, but the pace is more upbeat and changeable. Expect to practice a variety of asana (postures) with and without baby, including sun salutes, plenty of pelvic floor work, and have a light-hearted, sociable time.