Yoga is a tool for navigating life..

TBH it kind of saved me. I remember my first Yoga Nidra, age 20 first year at Uni, feeling totally out of sorts, low self esteem, confused, introvert, socially inhibited, uncomfortable in my body, nutrition problems, over-thinking, unhappy. I dropped in to a lunch time yoga session, and was taught by a colourful, floaty- dressed, alarmingly long-haired, nose-ring-clad lady, fresh back from training in India…I enjoyed the asana…being guided with gentle precision to stretch, tone and balance. The lady had a slightly monotonous but soothing voice, and she generated a feeling of calm and smelled of patchouli. But then the real magic..In the relaxation I was guided limb by limb, body part by body part, to intentionally relax my entire body..Gradually my fears, social anxieties, inner critic, and general malease dropped away…and I found myself in a place of deep non-judgemental peace. It is this direct experience of embodied Peace that permeates into all areas of life, diluting stress, giving perspective on dramas and challenges, and generating a kinder, closer relationship with one’s body…re connecting, re calibrating. I found yoga in my twenties but it could REALLY have helped matters during my earlier teens…Yoga in schools, for the kids, the teens, the time when our young potent brains are most impressionable to life-long programming…Will the default programme be set to unresolved chronic stress, anxiety, depression, confusion, mal adjustment; no coping mechanism for existential crisis in times of questionable values and meaningless consumerism..? Yoga for teachers so they can feel healthy and meaningful in themselves and not pass their stress onto the students…Yoga for the earth activists to prevent burn out and stay centred… The next steps. (Just finished the intense and fantastic 60 hr Teen Yoga teacher training with Charlotta Martinus, this space for new teen classes and other yoga magic)