It is in this intermingling that I feel on the right path.

Combining honour of roots and earth-cycles connexion, with a practice of yoga; embodied awareness, enquiry…

Weaving breath and asana with the energy of intent, in the mysteriously wise fabric of body.

The very first hints of New Beginnings –  the ‘quickening of the year’ – the life-force of the earth is stirring, with the promise of return of light, warmth, new growth..
It is time to sprout seeds of intent and put dreams to work….harness the energy of hope and potential.


“New Beginnings Yoga Flow Morning” 10 -1pm Saturday 10th February 2018
Venue: The Practice Rooms, 26, Upper Borough Walls, CENTRAL BATH, BA11RH
Extended Hatha practice, with  creative sequences combining asana, mudra, and intent,..
tea break with refreshments provided…
yoga nidra and Imbolc meditations
£35 (concession £25)