Not really quite getting the hang of this…the banality of advertising and promoting is flattenning and blandizing my soul…..”come to my fantastic, uniquely different YOGA workshop, you really NEED it for your SANITY!”…”NEW course, really GREAT for your health, (especially your BUM), all levels, all round, all cosmic, all TONING, totally UNMISSABLE !”….”Selling out fast, PRESS THE BUTTON NOW before the world explodes like Mr Creosote!”  “AAAAAAAAAGH!!!”…..somehow I am beginning to forget what draws me to Yoga, draws me to teach, draws me to dance, draws me to BREATHE….my passion is lost between the lines of patronizing stock phrases and bromide enthusiasm…….”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”

hmmm       that’s better


…a poem………a portal.

Just pause a few seconds before you read on. Please.

In a moment of tasting

The I that is You

The capsized world

Is righted

Within me


Like an old puzzle finished

I throw myself back in the box

To be revealed again and again

With such delight

And gratitude.


by Ayaz  (from “For You”  ‘A Collection of Prayer Poems’)