Contact Yoga/partners yoga workshop’  10.30am – 2pm  Sunday 16th September 2018   £35  including refreshments

Hatha Yoga is a conversation between body, energy, breath, and gravity…

In contact yoga/partners yoga, another being comes into the conversation, requiring enhanced listening, sensitivity and trust.

We find increased challenge with balance, when to push, when to yield, and poses are experienced in fresh perspective.  

There is the energetic motivation to move beyond our habitual limits, the mutual grounding/support providing the possibility of deeper release….and while there is a playfulness in connection and exploration, there is also a greater depth in meditation and breath work.

Venue: The Beautiful Yurt Space now located at Woolley Grange Hotel and Spa,
Bradford on Avon, BA15 1TX
Contact me on 07867578797 or email me at