Warrior not worrier

Yoga Retreat Sunday 24th April 2016  10.30am -4.30pm

“Hush now mind, it’s time to relax and be quiet. There’s nothing important to talk about right now. You’ll have plenty of time to talk later…”

A morning of strong but flowing, meditative Hatha Yoga with Sophie Shenstone (aka Shenyoga, teaching in Bath Uk for over 15 years)

Breath awareness is the key to this dynamic but sensitive and intuitive style of yoga

Moving into a space of joy and gratitude, enjoy being and flowing in your body while mental chatter and stories take back seat


Shared pot luck lunch – picnic outside in the cute graveyard garden if sunny….

Time to walk in the countryside or chill out in the ambient space

Afternoon workshop exploring meditation with humorous, insightful, and experienced Kamala Mann (teaching in Bath Uk)

Includes guided meditations with different style and emphasis, including movement as well as seated and lying down..

Time for feedback and integration…see what resonates and what just makes things worse!

quote…”meditation practice..?? no brainer!!” 

VENUE – the aesthetically WOW, earthy, spacious, natural, warm chapel in Marshfield!! £48 (£35 low wage )  

Please follow this link to BOOK HERE