..TOTALLY LOVED planning and teaching the yoga retreat day on Sunday 29th November…though I was divided when I found it clashed with the Climate Marches that were taking place all over…(I would have been there, but only have one body)… I wondered if all the marching citizens might be blown or washed away, in an ironic JJC-Large-Aerial-shot-copy gesture of support from the weather Gods…..The wind gusted and the rain LASHED in angry horizontal frenzy throughout the day, making it even more cosy inside the chapel space, with the competition to find the warmest patch of underfloor heating…..We practiced creative yoga flow sequences to diverse music, from violin concertos, to Indian classical, to deep funky house…sometimes just the sounds of wild weather was enough to dance yoga to. I’ve have had a chance to flick through some of the images captured from retreats hatched over the last six years…and thought I’d share a few. Perhaps entice you to join me for the next Wild Yurt Yoga Retreat in Portugal, June 9th to 14th, (only room for seven participants) or for a Yoga Retreat Sunday in Marshfield, next one will be January 24th.

For more info on Portugal, see the event listed on Yoga Trail and feel free to leave me some feedback there if you’ve been to my classes/workshops/retreats…

DSCF0722-low 2015-03-08-15.54.48 Contact-Yoga-2015-S-&-J Restorative-Yoga-workshop-2 Yoga Holidays2014-05-26-14.56.56  Yoga holidays in Portugal

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